Christmas story

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Narrator: this is the story of a girl who hated Christmas and who didn’t believe in santa claus because when she was younger she had a terrible experience, on Christmas night she woke up waiting forsanta claus, but what she saw was a fake santa claus who broke into her house and stole plenty of things, but this Christmas she will live a new experience that will change her life forever.
Liz: Ohmy God! Santa is coming tonight! I’ll wait for him because I’m sure he is bringing me a lot of gifts!
Narrator: Liz fell asleep while waiting for santa clause when suddenly some noise woke her upLiz: Wow! I think santa is here! I’ve heard him!
Rafa: ho ho ho what a beautiful house! With plenty of value things!
Liz: Santa! Wow I can’t believe you are here did you bring me any gifts?
Rafa: oh!Eem hey little girl… yes I brought you some stuff but eem you have to go to sleep now ok? So I can take you things, sorry I meant I can leave your gifts under the tree
Narrator: Liz went to sleepagain but deep inside of her felt like something was wrong, but either way she waited for the next day to see her gifts, but when she went downstairs the next morning, she had a terrible surprise…
Liz:Oh my God I wanna see my gifts (goes to the tree) Mom!! Where are my gifts? What happened? (cries)
Mom: Liz what’s going on? Oh my God! Someone broke into our house and took everything! Which kindof person could have done that in Christmas? (hugs liz)
Dad: I’ll call the police right now!
Narrator: Liz and her family watched in the news that a fake santa clause broke into many houses thatnight, Liz recognized his face and started to cry, she was so disappointed, she would never enjoy Christmas again, and she stopped believing in santa.
A year after that horrible Christmas, Liz hatedChristmas, but she didn’t that this time, she would have a nice experience
Liz: how sad! It’s Christmas again… well for me now it is a normal day like any other so I’ll go to sleep and wish that nobody...
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