Ciencia vs fe

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English Sketch

Scene1: The killer has been unmasked
John: Carol I am going to go out; you are in charge of everything
Carol: Ok, do not worry, I will be ok
Carol: John it’s time to find out if you are the killer!!!
(Carol start to search for evidence in john’s files)
Carol: OMG!!! Its true john is the killer; I need to call the police right now!!!
John: What are you doing?!!
Carol:Nothing, nothing
John: What are you looking for in those files?
Carol: I am sorry, I don’t know?
John: You are a spy?!
Carol: And you a killer!!!
John: Ok, you already find out
Carol: Yes and I will report you to the police
John: Don’t be silly!! This world is dying all the mornings in the news you heard things like global warming, the green house effect and all because there are person thatonly wants their own benefit and they don’t care about anything else. That’s what I’m trying to do only when all those persons have been disappeared the world will be a good place to live.
Carol: Its true but you are not the one who can decide who dies or who lives. You aren’t God!!!!!
John: I know that the people will not understand me now but they will when they see the changes that I will do.Carol: You are sick!!!
John: I am sorry for you because you do not understand me, I cannot let you go.
Carol: ah?!!!
(Carol try to escape and john kill her)

Scene2: Revelations
(The FBI agent Angela and his partner Roxanne arrives to the crime scene)
Roxanne: She is dead
Angela: What was her name?
Roxanne: Carol, Carol Stewart.
Angela: She was a detective.
Roxanne: Really? How doyou know that?
Angela: Look here is her certificate
Roxanne: it’s true
Angela: Does she have family?
Roxanne: Mmm let me see, Yes she has a cousin his name is Steven.
Angela: Please call him and I need all the information that you can find about him.
Roxanne: ok
(Angela go out of the scene and Roxanne call Steven)
Roxanne: Hello
Steven: Hi
Roxanne: Well, My name is Roxanne and I am anFBI agent
Steven: OH!! What can I do for you?
Roxanne: I need to make you some questions; it had to be in person
Roxanne: I will give you the address ……..
Steven: Ok I will be there
(Steven arrive to the scene and Angela too)
Roxanne: Hi you must be Steven
Steven: Yes I am
Roxanne: She is my partner Angela
Steven: Nice to meet you
Angela: We need to make you a few questions?
Steven: OkAngela: Did you know Carol Stewart?
Steven: Sure she is my cousin, why we are talking about her in past?
Angela: oh Roxanne did not tell you?
Steven: Tell me what?
Angela: Carol is dead, she was murdered
Steven: What?! I cannot believe that!!
(Steven start to cry)
Angela: I am sorry
Steven: Who could do something like that?
Roxanne: We do not know
Steven: I am sorry; I need to bealone please
Angela: ok
(Steven goes out of the scene)
Roxanne: Do you think that he could kill carol?
Angela: Why are you asking?
Roxanne: I found his files, are very interesting. In the last ten years he has been getting in troubles frequently.
Angela: Here is something fishy, I think that he could not kill his own cousin because he is not that kind of person , the only way to know the trueis finding the one that carol was looking for.

Scene3: Something unexpected

(Steven goes to a restaurant to think and he inexpertly meets Ivonne)
Steven: Oh I am sorry it was my fault
Ivonne: Don’t worry; oh I think I know you, Steven?!
Steven: OMG ivonne?! I haven’t see you since high school
Ivonne: Yes, How are you?
Steven: Very bad, my cousin carol was murdered
Ivonne: Carol, CarolStewart? She was john’s secretary
Steven: John? Did you marry him?
Ivonne: Yes after the high school
Steven: How is he?
Ivonne: He is fine, He is the owner of several companies but since one year ago he is acting a little weird.
Steven: Weird?
Ivonne: Yes he is angry all the time and he had crazy ideas about change the world.
Steven: HAHAHAH I do not see the problem look at this world,...
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