Ciencias de la vida

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Veracruz, the nation’s most important port, is located in Mexico’s gulf coast region, 140 km (87mi) from Mexico city (on Highway 150). The climate is tropical an the average temperature is 25°C. thisdestination is famous for the music, dancing and festive atmosphere at its carnival, the state’s most important event of the year. Here you’ll find beaches with calm waters that are ideal for doingall kinds of aquatic sports, particulary scuba diving along the coral reefs at the Parque Nacional Sistema Arrecifal Veracruzano, which is inhabited by a wide buildings: el faro (the lighthouse), eledificio de correo (the post office), el baluarte de Santiago (the Santiago bastion), and the san juan de ulua fort, wich was built on the sea and is now an interesting museum that chronicles thehistory of the port, from the pre-hispanicera to present day. You can also visit the incredible acuario, wich is latin america’s largest saltwater aquarium. Along the boardwalk, you can dance to the musicof harps and marimbas in the city’s squares, or you can drink a coup of delicious café con leche (milk) at one the traditional cafes. In Veracruz’s surrounding areas you can visit the cempoalaarchaelogical zone; the town of La Antigua, where you can see the first Christian construction in Latin Pico de Orizaba national park, wich has the highest volcano in the nation; and the picturesque town oftlacotalpan, declared a world Heristage Site by the UNESCO.

Answer these questions

1. Were is Veracruz located?
It’s located in Mexico’s gulf coast region.

2. What’s the climatelike in Veracruz?
Its tropical

3. What is it famous for?
The music dancing and festive atmosphere at its carnival

4. What interesting places can you visit in Veracruz?The lighthouse, the post office, the Santiago bation and the san juan de ulua fort

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