Clasicacion de amigos

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Classifying Friends

Friends, good friends-and such good friends, Judith Viorst writes about eight

specific classifications when it comes to friendship. She believes that women are friendswhen they totally love and support and trust each other and bare each others secrets of

their souls. And also are friends when they share the same affection and hate with equal

ardor. Inothers words she said that a friend is a friend all the way, but now she believes

that’s a narrow point of view. Now she believes that relationships are conducted at many

levels of intensity andhave classified in eight types. The first one is, Convenience

friends, which are the persons who can help us, the person who make us favors. We are

not closed or tell too much; we maintain apublic face and emotional distance. The

second one is Special-interest friends. These type of friend are not intimate, their value

lies in some interest jointly shared, for example playmates.The third one is Historical

friends, they are friends since the past and even after years have gone by and they have

gone separate ways they still have something in common. The fourth one isCrossroads

friends, they are important for what was, we share at a crucial, now past, time of life. We

will be always friends. The fifth one is Cross-generation friends are whom we maintain aspecial kind of intimacy-dormant but always ready to be revived. The sixth one is Part of

a couple friends, some of the women we call our friend we never see alone, we see them

as a couple,but are not moved to deepen the relationship. The seventh one is Men who

Montoya 2

arefriends. This type of relationship can be just as close and as dear as those we form

with women but there is something tender and caring too. The last one is classified as

medium, pretty good...
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