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The key to a successful class is: PREPARATION

To master the grammar / book/ test/ vocabulary that you teach:

* Do your research on the topic you are going to give.
* Followyour teacher’s book; this is your best tool for your class.
* Before to your class, do all the exercises on your own so you don’t need to be reading the answers, check the provided sample tests, trythem yourself. Test yourself so you can start learning the answers little by little what’s correct and incorrect.
* Check your audios before class; if you don’t and something runs wrong that day,no one will be able to help you out.
* Structure your class.

You should always give a

1. Previous class overview
Start with a warm-up oral exercise remembering last class’s vocabulary,grammar focus, discussion and achievements to reinforce your students’ previous knowledge and to help them switch their brain into this class.

2. Introduction.-
Visually set the goals for thisclass (what points are you all going to cover in this class), write them with bullet points on the board. Help them, be objective with what they will learn after this class.

3. Body.-
- First, createthe need. Cover the specified material in the plan and always bring extra-material in case you run through your part faster than you planned.
- Keep track of time; we all have a deadline to coverwith the given material so if you don’t keep a proper speed you will run out of time.
NOTE: If you are giving a tailor-made program. Never cover something else from the same textbooks because you’llcause conflicts to other teachers.
- Remember, we have to help the students develop. The teacher speaks 30% of the class and Students speak 70%.
- Be proactive. Energize your students with yourown energy.
- Move, if you sit their mind will settle and it will be exhaustive for you and your students.
- Students hate when you make them read out loud during exercises with no output from the...
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