Communicative Language Teaching

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Fernando López Niño
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This is one of theapproaches that use the method in a meaningful way, changing the perspective of the language teaching methods. Communicative language teaching began in Britain in the 1960s, it is based in communicativeapproach and it emphasizes in interaction.
There are some principles that involve the language in a real context to acquire expressions and the development of their learning in a communicative way.* Activities that involve real communication promote learning: this kind of tasks pretend to put learners in daily situations to apply the knowledge in a meaningful way. Some activities as roleplays and interviews encourage the learners’ participation and it improves their performances. I consider this is a proper manner to show the language as authentic and real, beyond of typical classes. *Activities in which language is used for carrying out meaningful tasks promote learning * Language that is meaningful to the learner promotes learningClassroom Activities in CLT. This type ofactivities might foster the use of the target language as a vehicle of classroom communication and not just as the object of study, teachers must show languages as real tools in real life, but if it isshowed as other subject, so students will take languages like a subject to study and to use in classes, no more.Example ActivitiesRole PlayInterviewsInformation GapGamesLanguage ExchangesSurveysPairWorkLearning by teachingThe most obvious advantage in communicative language teaching is that of the increase of fluency in the target language. This enables the learners to be more confident wheninteracting with other people and they also enjoy talking more. The approach also leads to gains in the areas of grammatical/sociolinguistic/discourse/strategic competence through communication.Another...
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