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Future of technology

Nowadays we understand the term technology as the amount of devices related with electronic comunication and information. But we have to take into account that it includesthe new medicine.
Thanks to the interaction between computers and researchers now we have increased our life expectancy and the quality of life of aged.
With the Moore’s Law, computer doubles theircapacity every two years so in the near future we will have some of them smarter that the average person and we will be able to put some of them taking important decisions. Perhaps we will substitutesome politicians with a non corruptible computer.
The challenges that we spect technology will solve in the furue include food and energy for everyone. On one hand the medicine increase thepopulation of the world. On the other hand we need more water and resources to live a standard life making pressure to Nature killing wild animals and cutting forest. It’s a kind of circle, medicine increasethe amount of people, people need more food and energy for their machines, so they live better and more years and now start again.

Advantages and disadvantages of being famous:

Nowadays is easyto become famous thanks to the modern media like television, radio and the internet. So people with no big things to offer to the society could be well known for the rest of us.
On the one hand,such people can live only by their fame. Earning a lot of money only for talking about their lives, how many boys or girls they date, if they train or not or if they will play football next weekend.Most of us have to work hardly eventhough we will never be able to save that amount of money.
On the other hand, once you become famous you have no private life. The journalist that helped you climb tothe highest point now behave like vultures. They take photos of you and your family even risking your life. We all remember “paparazzi” chasing princess Diana and her tragic end.
In my opinion,...
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