Como Es Un Italiano

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Whot is an Italian?
Italian is sober, happy, intelligent and cunning, have much aptitude for the arts especially for music. The Catholic religion is dominant, but other religions are tolerated. Thelanguage is Italian, the most harmonious, sweet and poetic known. Public education is well advanced inhigher education but little in primary generalized.
Like any country, Italy hascustoms that are representative. In that show the behavior of their nation. Like a marriage, in family life, food, fun, well, in almost all activities.

Among the most common social habits isthe handshake and the kiss is done without touching the lips to the other person's cheek. An informal greeting is the ciao, which means hello or goodbye. The formal would Buon giorno 'Good morning and Goodafternoon Buona Sera.

The Italians like to socialize in their own homes, as well as cafes, bars and restaurants.Visiting friends and relatives, especially on Sundays and other holidays, is a frequentactivity. 

Due to the busyness of life in urban areas, visits are planned in advance. In villages where the pace is less hectic life, people, particularly relatives, go to beunannounced. Wheninviting someone to dinner, it is customary to bring a small gift.

It is common to see Italian men filled with praise for a woman. Thus, women were forbidden to go out with a man. Today this tradition ismaintained in some countries, particularly among the elderly.
One of the Christmas customs is to put the crib. To recreate the landscape of Bethlehem inthe child Jesus was born.
It is customary amongItalians go to the field to entertain or attend a sporting event. Among young people is the disco.

I of Italy's traditional dress of Renaissance. The men wore shorts. They wore shoesandwide-brimmed hats. Women wore voluminous pleated skirts and aprons were covered withpleats. The neckline has a standing collar. This can be regarded as their traditional dress.

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