Como Escribir Un Lab Report

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Writing a Lab Report
1. Title: A simple title to let your reader know what the experiment is about.
2. Introduction: State the problem you are addressing with your question, give generalbackground about your topic related to why your experiment is important.
3. Investigable Question: Detailed, specific, easily understood and investigable.
4. Prediction, Hypothesis andExplanation: Clear, well written and correct format. Explanation is detailed and supported.
5. Materials: A well-organized list of all materials needed.
6. Procedure: A step by step description of theexperiment is presented. It has enough details for another person to exactly duplicate the same experiment. The description includes details on where it was done, what was done, how much time wasincluded, the variables used and how they were measured, and how data was collected.
7. Results: Results are well-presented using tables, graphs, photos or drawings, etc. There is enough detail in theresults to understand exactly what happened. All observations used are objective.
8. Explanation:
Claim: The answer to the investigable question is presented explicitly.
Evidence: Three ormore arguments are included explaining the results and are supported with data.
Justification: Information is provided about your hypothesis being right or wrong. A justification that links theevidence to the claim showing why the data counts as evidence to support the claim using appropriate scientific principles is provided.
9. Conclusion: Possible ways in which the experiment can beimproved.
10. Works Cited: A complete bibliography is presented and properly cited.

Grading rubric
You will write a lab report documenting and communicating your experiment and its results. Yourlab report needs to be typed and should include the following:
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Introduction to your experiment (state the problem you are addressing with your question, give general background...
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