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English Beginner

Instructions: You have to read the following letter and answer the questions about it.
Instrucciones: Usted debe leer la siguiente carta y contestar laspreguntas acerca de ésta.

41 46th Street
Sunnyside, New York 11104
February 12

Dear Miguel,

How are you? I am fine. Here is a letter in English. It is a good practice for you and me. Ihave classes in English at La Guardia Community College. I am in a class with 8 students. They are all from different countries: Japan, Brazil, Switzerland, Poland, and Italy.
Our teacher´s name isIsabel. She is very nice and a very good teacher.
I live in an apartment with two American girls, Annie and Marnie Kass. they are sisters. Anni is twenty years old and a dancer. Marnie is 18 eighteenyears old and a student. They are very friendly, but it is not easy to understand them because they speak in English very fast.
New York is very big, very exciting but very expensive. The subway is notdifficult to use and It is cheap. It´s very cold now but Central park is lovely in the snow. I am very happy here.

Write to me soon



According to the letter you readabout Dorita answer the following questions with complete sentences in English..
De acuerdo a la carta que usted leyó de Dorita conteste las siguientes preguntas con oraciones completas en inglés.1.Where is Dorita Studying?

2.How many students are there in Dorita´s class?

3.From what countries are the students of Dorita´s class from?

4. Who does Dorita live with?

5.How old isAnny and what does she do?

6.How old is Marnie and what does she do?

7.Why does Dorita say that is difficult to understand Anny and Marnie when they speak in English?

8. In what city isDorita right now?

9.Is it cold or warm in Dorita´s city?

10. Acoording to the weather in Dorita´s city what clothes do you think Dorita is wearing?


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