Comparative essay "the story of an hour" v. "death by scrabble"

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No one can predict what their feelings would be when confronted with death. Either by accident or predetermined we can never be sure of our reactions. Death simply takes us all by surprise. No matterhow prepare you think you are it not until you experience the death of a relative that you discover all the hidden feeling that this even produces in you system. Take for example this two shortstories. Although totally different in their approach to death; never the less both take the reader and the character by surprise.

In “ The Story of an Hour” the reader believes that Mrs. Mallard takesthe news of her husband’s accident too calm. Like she was expecting something like this to happen. She acts “accepting” of the fact that she has just been informed that her husband is dead. It isamazing how the mood of the story changes dramatically from calm, to accepting, to excited and finally to surprised.
Excited, yes she gets so excited of the fact that she is now a widow that she seesherself FREE. She even starts seen her surroundings in a different way. The author start describing the view from the window more colorful and with vivid and bright colors. It’s amazing how a women witha heart problem all of a sudden knows of her husbands death and simply weeps for a second and then thinks positively of how her life will be. Shouldn’t she be worried or lost? It was her husband. Herminds gets so caught up in her future alone that when her husband comes home, she has a heart attack and dies. She dies of surprise and shock.

Then we come to “Death by Scrabble” which takes atotally different mood. Right from the beginning, in the very first sentence, the author transfer that mood of expectation to you. Thru out the entire story you are waiting for someone to die. The readerdoesn’t know when, or how, but is always expecting the inevitable outcome. The author tells you the story from the point of view of one of the characters, whom predicts he will feel free once his...
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