Comparative essay "the odyssey" & "the heart of darkness"

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“The Odyssey” and “Heart Of Darkness” Comparative Essay

In this text I will talk about two great books, the similarities and differences between them. After I finished reading “The Odyssey” ofHomer, I really wished to know what the book “Heart of Darkness” was about. Now both books have been read and I can fully give my point of view and characteristics of each one.
The first thing Iwould like to talk about is the characters. Each book has its unique characters, yet they are very similar. In “The Odyssey” we find Odysseus as the principal character. He is an intelligent andadventurous man, blessed by Athena and blamed by Poseidon. Odysseus has plenty of adventures while he is trying to return his home, Ithaca; His intelligence and enthusiasm let him to get through fights againsta cyclope, sail through a sea full of sirens, survive Poseidon’s fury, and many other adversities. In the other hand, we have Marlow, in the adventure of the “Heart of Darkness”. He is anotheradventurous man who narrates his journey through the Congo River, in Africa, looking for Kurtz. While during his trip, he encountered many things he didn’t like; the slaves treated like animals, injustice,and wildness. Even though he was kind of senseless, he felt bad for that people. I may say that Odysseus is very similar to Marlow. I do this comparison because both of them made a journey, maybe witha different purpose, but with the same feeling of accomplishment of their objective. There are many other characters, but are in a different context. In “The Odyssey” we find the main characters likethe gods and goddesses Zeus, Athena, Poseidon or Hermes, and then we have Odysseus’ son Telemachus, and wife Penelope. All of them have crucial papers in the plot. Some other secondary and tertiarycharacters could be the suitors, who are the Greek people who try to marry Penelope and get all the fortune of Odysseus; Odysseus’ crew, who had crucial influence on Odysseus trip. In heart of...
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