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Conclusion :

Middle Ages were a historical periods of Western Civilization between the V century and the fifteenth century. Make your home the fall of the Western Roman Empire (476), and end withthe fall of the Byzantine Empire or Eastern Roman (1453), which coincides with the invention of printing and the end of the Hundred Years War . An alternate ending may be the discovery of America(1492).
The transition from antiquity to the Middle Ages was, however, gradual, between centuries III and VIII. TRANSITION was a stage in all areas:

• Economy: replacement of slave production modelby the feudal mode of production.
• Society: disappearance of Roman citizenship and the definition of the medieval estates.
• Policy: decomposition Roman centralized structures and dispersion ofpower among the barbarians.
• Ideology and culture: replacement of classical culture by theocentrism Christian or Muslim.

It tends to divide the Middle Ages into two periods: the Early or MiddleAges (V to X century, the Roman world order, barbarian migrations, Carolingian Empire) and the Late Middle Ages (eleventh to fifteenth century, the Middle Ages or feudal stage and crises of the MiddleAges).

For many it is considered a dark period between the Ancient, identified with art, culture and Roman civilization of classical antiquity and cultural renewal of the Modern Age (Humanism andRenaissance). Thus, it would be a step backward and lethargy cultural, social and economic.

It felt toward his final birth of a fledgling urban life and a bourgeoisie that eventually developcapitalism. Also emerged new political forms (caliphate, universal powers of Latin Christendom, and above all, the authoritarian monarchies).
All concepts associated with modernity, born in the middleages, none of which would be understandable without prior feudalism, understood as economic and political system.

Cultural exchange was between two distinct worlds by breaking the unity of the...
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