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conflicts happens everytime, everywhere and are deeply rooted in human nature, we always want to be right because this make us feel secure and we want (unconciously) that othershare our views. That part of human nature it's triggered by some mechanisms that are resources of the mind to learn and interpretate reality.


Psycological studies have proved that humans(and the many of mamals) learn patterns to then learn everything else, (like models, maps or points of reference to analize reality) This happens more or less since birth to 8 years old. Betweenthis year and 11 understanding of morality and learning to judge right and wrong, occur.

Part of what we want/think is influenced (or maybe programmed?) by family and society, at some point generalknowledge and morals overlaps, this happen specificly because of the big importance that we give to the opinion of the family, the very first one who unconseously, our brains use like reference to valueourselves.

*The answers of the essay*

My values had conflicted with someone else's when our views, values, and ways of living don't share common areas and others want to impose their views to me,or when others wnat to onvince me to accept theirs when i disagree. I think that internally they want to feel right.

One time some girl tried to convince me about some theological views in TheBible, my point was different than her, the outcome of the conversation was that she was getting kind of sad and angered (frustration?) maybe i without wanting it, shaked her emotional floor. Many peopledon't want to be wrong when is about moral issues. I learned that this is normal and conflictive sometimes.

Sadly, we didn't came to an agree, i accept that others have different views and i canagree to disagree, but not always others are in that mind set. I not specting to be like that always, im an human being and sometimes, i too reactioned like that and maybe again i will in the future....
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