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The sun rises

Music of the 40s

In the 40s in Mexico ... Jorge Negrete and Pedro Infante conquered the masses, boleros with Trio Los Panchos as did also his romantic role in USA was the era of swing, Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey was the most famous singer Frank Sinatra, and Nat King Cole blacks, Xavier Cugat Orchestra, Les Brown with Doris Day singing
In Europe singer EdithPiaf was the fashion, Maurice Chevalier in France, even in Spain it became fashionable Jorge Negrete in 1948.
In Mexico it was the time of the rise of Pedro Infante, and Luis Perez Bureau and recorded his first albums in the same year,
Frank Sinatra, was best known in the United States. Trio Los Panchos was the most famous in the 40s bolero. The most famous singer in Mexico rancher was Lucha Reyeswho committed suicide in 1944.
The 40s began in Mexico listening to Agustín Lara and Pedro Infante finished worshiping and ranchera music.
These include prominently Rodolfo Halffter, of Spanish origin, who must formalize the teaching of serial music at the National Conservatory of Music; Colon Nancarrow, an American, who is credited with the development of polyrhythm and the experimentalpolimétrica using the automatic player piano, and Gerhart Muench, of German origin, which was very influential among the new

Mexican composers. The latter can be described as a generation that did many searches forefront: Mario
Lavista (1943), founder and editor of the Standard, whose work is known in the field of concert music in Mexico, Spain and the United States, gave continuity to the formulaof teaching and management of political culture created by Carlos Chávez in Writing Workshop at the National Conservatory of Music and later at the School of Music, forming many composers living in Mexico for the succeeding generation.
So in summary the 40s were a period of musical taste glamorous. Orchestras and soloists with prominent voice, friendly and somewhat melancholy ... certainly a greattime to remember.

Economics and politics of the 40s

Around the year 1940, Mexico undergoes changes in external matters, there is a strong influence of World War II, not so much either adversely, but rather was fair, first gives a boost to industrialization where the current president Avila Camacho, aims to change the image peasant who had in the previous government to the industrial imagingbrings an increase in foreign demand for exports, giving growth to agricultural production in the country refugee introduction war and big business, who decide to set a time in Mexico, contributing to the domestic big business, and with these investments an elevation in the level of education and quality of life, but on the other side of the world there is an increase in import prices in Mexicoand this occurs with an increase of over 100%.
Avila Camacho, increase investment in industry, electricity and oil costs and living standards rose, clear example bringing good nutrition as a benefit in reducing the infant mortality rate, more works are provided for population, employment increases even higher rate than population growth, just as it looks in wages growth and underpaid workers wereallowed to work in industries and power plants with a fair wage, within the scope manufacturing workers loom large, but despite improvements
Mexico was not "a peaceful and happy country" had concerns about the functioning of the political system, but it will boost the private sector, the President does not neglect public sector investment this were increasing, there is a series of investments inrural development and the construction of roads passable systems.

Fashion in the 40s

It was a time of many contrasts, remember that was the end of the Second World War, are classic hairstyles, wavy curls well lacquered but not completely fixed, it was used a lot to load the hair to one side and put a clasp on the other, the fabrics were used for clothing rather sober, what...
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