Contrastive linguistic

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* What is contrastive linguistics?
Is a synonym of contrastive analysis and Is to describe the differences between two languages, and is to avoid interference errors inforeign-language learning.
* Name two approaches to linguistics comparisons.
Historical linguistics that is study of how language change around the time and involve the syntactic, morphological,and lexical changes. Typological Linguistic because this has some subdisciplines that involve comparison of language and within language variety, structural patterns in the world language.
* Whyis descriptive linguistics necessary in CL?
As contrastive linguistics study and identify similarities and differences between languages taking in account phonology, grammar and semantics anddescriptive linguistics is how we speak a language or how was talked in the past for a group of people, and is necessary for the CL because describe and give prescription about a language in how this ischanging through the time and the differences.

* Why is CL not considered a unified field of study?
Contrastive linguistics is thus not a unified field of study. The focus may be on general or onlanguage specific features. The study may be theoretical, without any immediate application, or it may be applied, i.e. carried out for a specific purpose.

* What other disciplines were usedinstead of CL?
Lado book of Robert Lado (1957).
The CAH was widely influential in the 1950s and 1960s, but from the 1970s its influence dramatically declined.

* The strong form in CL predictsand describes the patterns that will cause what in learning?

The strong version predicted that the majority of L2 errors were due to negative
transfer. The weak version, on the other hand, merelyexplained errors after they were made. Wardhaugh goes on to point out that, “CAH was also criticized on the ground that it could not take into account relative difficulty among L2 segments that...
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