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• In terms of opportunities for professional development, I believe that I need to attend 2 conferences on a yearly basis in order to understand our industry and the challenges we face as an industry, e.g. PPACA. The funds for those conferences are not included in my budget. I have estimated that each conference runs at about $2,500 each (all included). I can probably survive without attendingthe conferences next year and I should be able to accomplish our main objective, the development of C-level relationships with targeted companies. However, lack of subject-matter knowledge affects my effectiveness as a communicator in the business development area.
AHIP Conferences 2012- 2013

 Fall Forum: December 3-5, 2012, Chicago, IL
Looked at the agenda and the topics seem relevant andinformative: will address business operation considerations and solutions as health plans implement health care reform.
Registration: $975; Hotel: 2 nights $250; Air fare: $350; Taxis: $100; Meals: $180 (Total: $1,855)

 National Policy Forum: March 13-14, 2013 Washington, D.C.
Focuses on the national political and regulatory environment and current and planned policies that affect thehealth care system.

 Medicare and Medicaid Conferences 2013
(Medicare September 22 – 24; Medicaid September 25-26), Washington, D.C

• As a goal, I will continue to engage our sales department on a daily basis. I gain quite a bit of institutional information at those meetings.

• In addition, I will continue to meet with divisional leaders, like Byron Clawson and Joel Kempner to gain abetter understanding of Regence’s products, service and operations. I have managed to attend most of the broker training sessions, as well as internal meetings that focus on product development, marketing and innovation.

• It would be helpful if different teams would invite me to participate in meetings that might further my educational and institutional development.

• Budget Priorities:1. Travel, Meetings and Entertainment: this category is better characterized as business development activities.

a. University of Utah football games: at $27,000 per season it represents 38% of my overall budget and 70% of my business development activities budget (assuming a $70K budget; no 5% reduction) .
i. Strength: I can effectively leverage this resource to our mainobjective, the development of C-level relationships with targeted companies.
ii. Weakness: If out of the entire season I only have access to 4 nights, that provides me with potentially 6 companies attending each event (2 tickets per company; we invite no Board members). In total, I could only prospect 24 companies in one football season.
iii. Opportunity: Negotiate more event nights forPresident and Director to host during the sport season.
iv. Threats: Sales might want more nights in their favor and those tend to be used for exiting customers and brokers. This threat directly impacts C-level business development resources since this budget item is a large dollar percentage in my budget and diminishes my ability to perform my job.

b. Monthly Mileage: I have budgetedaround $350 per month based on the first 3 months at Regence. This is primarily a reimbursable expense and most of the mileage involves business development activities (e.g., breakfast, lunches or dinners with prospects or community relationship building). If other activities are negatively impacted, i.e. football, golf, etc.; this line item might need to be adjusted to reflect increasedactivity.

i. Strength: This line item represents my ability to drive to business development activities and events in order to perform my job as Director of Community and Business Relations. It is a mission critical component of my resources because it is money spent on supporting our main objective (C-level Bus. Dev.).
ii. Weakness: If budget is further reduced, line item/dollar...
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