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Jona: Hey Juan, did you see the soccer game last night?
Juan: No Jonathan, I didn’t watch the soccer game.
Jona: How about you Luis, did you watch thegame?
Luis: Yes Jonathan, I did watch the game.
Juan: Well anyways, what do you guys want to do next weekend?
Jona: I don’t know I might just go “Party!”
Juan:Oh cool, do you know where?
Jona: No, I really don’t know.
Juan: Who says they are going to go party, but don’t where?
Jona: Well, I don’t
Juan: I do.Luis:I might just stay home chillin ,or I don’t really know.
Juan: Wow, what a weekend, well if you are bored enough to pull your hair off, give me a call,butdon’t do it before you call me.
Luis: Well, I don’t think I am that crazy, but ok I will give you a call.
Juan: Jonathan you don’t supposed to go partying, you are sick!
Jona: I don’t care!
Luis: Are you sure you really don’t care?
Jona: Well I do really care, but not as much as to not go partying to drink mymedicine, and just stay home all bored.
Luis: Well does your medicine really help you cure yourself?
Jona: It does really help me.
Luis: Oh cool, becausesome commercials say that all these medicines help, but some of them don’t.
Jona: I think commercials are dum, I mean it because they have to act out , and Idon’t like acting out, do you like acting Juan?
Juan: I do , but not in front of a lot of people.
Luis: I don’t like it at all.
Juan: Luis , don’t yousupposed to be at home?
Luis: I do.
Jona: Well bye you guys, I have to go do some homework, so bye.
Luis: Well bye.
Juan: Bye have a good day.
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