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Anti fart ring. ( smelly ring) – fat sucker ring.

Isa: welcome, welcome I’m the person that you have waiting for, the person that will change your life for ever. You may ask yourself what is thething that I will give you that will make you happy.

This is the anti-fart ring, or as some may call it the smelly ring. As the name shows it, this ring stops you from frarting and burping

IHave a few guests that will show you how their lives changed thanks to this amaizing product, lets welcome the first one.

Jesica: Hi, I have to tell you this, this ring has changed my live, I didnthave any friends, or job. Because I had this flatulence disease and I flarted all day and all night. But since i have this ring my life have been amaizing.

Isabella: Im arabic, and my mom knewthe guy that i would marry all along, it was a setup marriage, when we started living together it was awefull, he farts at night when he’s asleep, and he didnt know, but i did, i was ready to runawaywithout any money, cuz’ i prefered to be poor than to be held with that man, but like a miracle i saw this ring, and since then our marriage has been the best thing in my life, i bought it and now iknow he was the man i loved all along.

Jesica: I have a son, named Harry, i am……. was worried, cuz’ Harry didnt a girlfriend, nor he had friends, because of his condition * sacuees’ la mano pqhuele feoj’ he was back then 40, and still lived in my basement, i tried to introduce him to many neighbords and some of my friend’s daughters, but in every date they left after five minutes top,i asked my son why all those girls didnt like him, and he told me he will show me, so i went down to the basement with him, and he took an empty glass bottle, he told me to get closer, and then heopened it, he put in his back and farted, then he labeled it with the things he smelled in the fart, I was shocked, and i started looking options to help him, i found smelly ring and gave it to him,...
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