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Kidney Health
[Dr. Gaynes] Welcome to A Cup of Health with CDC, a weekly feature of the MMWR, the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. I’m yourhost, Dr. Robert Gaynes.
kidneys every body’s away produce in the blood,
our kidneys aren’t functioning properly, we’re subject to a rarely healthproblems: set the high blood pressure,
anemia, bone disease, and heart disease. Left untreated, kidney disease can lead the kidney failure and evendeath.
Nilka Rios Burrows is a researcher with CDC’s National center for chronics disease preventions and health Promotion. She’s joining us today todiscuss ways to prevent and control kidney disease. Welcome to the show Nilka.
[Ms. Burrows] Thank you.
[Dr. Gaynes] Nilka, How many people sufferfrom kidney disease in the United States?
[Ms. Burrows] Kidney disease effects more an 26 millions of
adults in the United States. In 2007, it was theninth leading one cause of death, and more half a million of people or living on chronic dialysis or with a kidney transplant.
[Dr. Gaynes] Is itmore common in any protected group?
[Ms. Burrows] Kidney disease can occur at any age, but causes occur more freely in older age groups and an
peopleage 60 years or older.
[Dr. Gaynes] Well, what causes kidney disease?
[Ms. Burrows]The primary causes of kidney disease are diabetes and high bloodpressure. And often, these two conditions occur together. Three out of four people who poor haven diabetes also be poor haven high blood pressure.
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