Craigen Castle Mistery

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The castle is on an island in northwest Scotland. The castle belongs to Lord William Douglas but he doesn’t live there anymore, only in summer, because it isexpensive to maintain
Joan and Ed are married, and they are in the island because Joan is ill. She needs relax. It was Alan´s idea to come to Craigen Castle. They have a small company in Glasgow. Thecompany makes clothes and belongs to Joan, Ed and Alan.
Ed is Joan´s second husband, her first husband was a rich man and he died ten years ago and left all his money to Joan. After Joan and Ed weremarried, she used the money to start the company, for years it was very successful, but Joan lost the most important client of the business. She told the client that he was stupid. After that, Joanbecame temperamental. One minute she was calm and rational; the next minute she was screaming at everyone.
Alan and Ed made a plan together; they were very tired of his attitude. Ed can´t divorced toJoan because he needs the money.
The first part of the plan was the three go to Onach (the island) for the holiday and go to Craigen Castle. Alan stole one key of the castle and gave to Ed, laterAlan said that he was tired and he doesn’t want to go with them.
Ed and Joan went to the castle alone. In the castle was dark and cold and Ed told to Joan the story about the three castle courtyards: The first one is called the fountain courtyard, in this one the third Lord Douglas was killed by his enemies. They didn´t give him any food or water. He died very slowly and the people said thatsometimes you can hear him crying out for water.
 The second courtyard is called the courtyard of the lost bride. The sixth Lord Douglas in his son’s marriage offered a large bag of money for the womanwho hide and wasn’t found, all appeared less his son's bride, she was never found. Many years later under the roof they found and old metal chest. Inside was the skeleton of a young woman.
 The...
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