Craigen Castle Mistery

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Craigen Castle mistery

Chapter one
Holiday in Onach
My name is Eduard Sutton, or Ed, Joan’s second husband. Her first husband, John Roag died ten years ago and left all his money to Joan.
Itwas Alan’s idea to come here, the Castle island Craigen. Alan is an old friend and now is also our business partner. We have a small company that makes clothes, all three of us work there: Alan, Joan,and I.

After a discussion of working with a client, Joan became temperamental and irrational, now I didn’t want to work or live with her any more. But I needed her money.
Alan was very unhappyabout Joan, the business was very important to him, Them Alan told me about his plan.
Alan came here to Onach visited the offices of the castle get some keys without anyone seeing him, pulled out somecopies and return the original
That was the first part of the plan
Today is autumn and the three of us here, but Alan rest in the hotel, when Joan wasn’t looking, he gave me one of the keys. It waspart of the plan.
We begin to walk along the path towards the main entrance. I show her the book I’m holding.
So you don’t know the story of the three courtyards?

Chapter two; The story of thethree courtyards
Ed tells to Joan the story of the three courtyards. That is the following.
The first courtyards is called the fountain courtyards and there an there the third Lord Dougla was tied on awall an they didn’t give him food and water. And he died very slowly. Now people say that they can hear him crying out for water.
The second courtyards is called the Courtyard of the lost Bride,because the sixth Lond Douglas gave a party and made a game which consisted in all the women had to hide an last one to be found would get the bag of money. All of them appeared except his son’s bride whoappeared many years later in a chest on the roof. People say that some nights they can hear to her trying to get out.
The third courtyards is called Cora’s Courtyards and it’s about Cora her...
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