Creationism vs evolutionism

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Creationism vs *Evolutioni*sm
This is one of the topics that humans most debate about because it involves a big question: the origin, were do we come from? Are we the result of natural selectionand evolution? Are we the product of some superior intelligence? The debate is serve reason vs religion. What is Evolutionism, well this theory and I repeat theory was “started” by Darwin which broughtout the conclusion that maybe his society was wrong and we are not the product of a divine creator that we come from the apes and all the species are a result of random and selective evolution. As Isaid before this is still a theory although there is evidence there is no proof that’s why it’s still a theory. Now we move on into creationism which denotes the existence of a superior and divinecreator who is responsible for the life and the world we see. I think debating this topic these days is useless because little can be gained mainly because both sides lack of evidence and most importantboth sides are close-minded. This debate also is full of uncertainty because basically humans don’t know and don’t understand how the universe and life works so until “God” comes down and reveals themystery both sides will be engage in an endless debate. Some people fall into a common error when they think on evolution as a theory for the origin of life which obviously it isn’t; evolutionism isabout the adaptation and mutation of life resulting in new species and I think it doesn’t make hypothesis on how life or the universe started. I think both theories are not exclusive with this I meanthat the proving of one doesn’t make the other one wrong and vice versa. Personally I don’t believe in the debate evolution versus creation, I think evolution describes the adaptation of species tolife also I see gaps in the evolution theory basically because is still a theory and hasn’t been proof. Although I see more gaps on the creation theory, creationism also describes or tries to describe...
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