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Instruction Manual for R4 Action Replay Cheat v1.01

Starts from the v1.08 official version, the R4 supports Action Replay function, simultaneously supports the official Action Replay database and the user database. The R4 Action Replay Cheat uses for the creation and edition of user’s database, either supports the user manual input or XML files import.
1. Instruction of Menu
After start,main interface shows as below:
First, let's introduce the manual items one by one as below:
File(F)—>New cheat database
Create a new cheat database, and delete the current data (before deleting there will be a prompt about whether to preserve).
File(F)—>Open cheat database…
Open the cheat database users already have, if there are some cheat codes in the current database,the opened data will be added behind the cheat codes, to use this function will complete the merge of several databases.
File(F)—>Save cheat database…
Save the current cheat database to the user database (please preserve it as a usrcheat.dat file and put it under the _system_ folder).
File(F)—>Import XML file…
Import the cheat code of the XML file, if there are some cheat codesin the current database, the imported data will be added behind these cheat codes.
Exit the current application program (before exiting, there will be a prompt about whether to preserve).
Code(C)—>Add game
Add a game item behind the current database.
Code(C)—>Add folder
Add a folder item behind the current game; the R4 Action Replay only supports the level one folderstructure.
Code(C)—>Add cheat
Add a cheat item behind the current game or folder.
Code(C)—>Delete selection
Delete the current itemm behind the current game of (delete game, folder or cheat items in one time)
Tools(T)—>get GameID from ROM
Searching GameID from the ROM.
Tools(T)—>find first SAME game
Searching the duplicate game in the database, and highlight the firstduplicate game.
Tools(T)—>find next SAME game
Continously searching if there are games and selected games duplication, and highlight the next duplicate game.

Information of the version of Cheat Code Editor.

2. Adding Cheats Mannually
A. Create a new cheat database
A new cheat database will be created each time when starting the Action Replay cheat or press"File (F) —>New cheat database", input a description on the "Description: " place, and the information shows on the bottom line of the R4 cheat interface under screen.

B. Create a game
Press the "Code(C)—>Add game" to add a game item, as picture shows below:
Input the name of game on the "Game name: " place, the information shows on the top line of the R4cheat interface above screen.
"Game ID:" is composed by two parts, the first 4 letters are for the game "Game code", the last 8 hexadecimal numbers for the game crc code, used for the match of the cheat and the corresponding game.

C. Create a folder
Press the "Code(C)—>Add folder" to add a folder item, as picture shows below:
"Folder name:" is used fordescription of the folder name, the selection "Note:" is used for the description of some attentions.
If selecting "One Hot" then, indicates that only one cheat code can be selected under the folder; otherwise, indicates that more than one cheat codes can be selected under the folder.

D. Create a cheat
Press the "Code(C)—>Add cheat" to add a cheat item, as picture shows below:[pic]
"Cheat name:" is used for description of the Cheat name, the selection "Note:" use for the description of some attentions.
"Cheat data:" use for input the cheat code, indicated with 16 hexadecimal numbers, every 8 numbers place a space, please certainly press "Update Code" button after input completed in order to add the data into the database, otherwise it will be lose.
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