Cyber bully

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Cyber-bully an actual concerning
Have you ever been insulted or have you insulted somebody by internet? The technical name of it is cyber-bullying. To begin with, we must realize that Cyber-bullying is the consequence of the amazing development of the internet; it is the use of the Internet and other related technologies to harm other people, in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner. Thishas made Cyber-bullying an actual concerning problem of society, parents, school. Moreover, Cyber-bullying leaves no physical scars so it is, perhaps, less evident to a parent or teacher, but it ishighly intrusive and the hurt it causes can be very severe.
Firstly, this kind of problems, as we have seen on the film Cyber bully, can occur everywhere, also in my community. For example, two yearsago, teachers who had students as their friends on facebook, realized, that it was a problem, because people used to make offensive comments of a girl student. Fortunately, teachers saw the badcomments and found the students who bullied the girl. Then, teachers resolved the problem and punished the students who offended the girl. However, this was only 1% of the cases, and the other 99%, peoplecouldn’t find the guilty because technology allows the user to bully anonymously or from an unknown location.
The conflict on the film is about a girl called Taylor who falls victim of cyberbullying. All of it began, when Taylor a pretty 17-year-old high school student, received a gift for her birthday from her mother, which was a laptop. As a consequence, Taylor was excited by the prospect offreedom and the independence of going online without her mother always looking over her shoulder. However, Taylor soon finds herself the victim of betrayal and bullying while visiting a social website,and afraid to face her peers at school, including her best friend, she is pushed to a breaking point.
Taylor's mom, Kris, desperate to find a solution, takes on the school system and state...
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