Cyber bullying essay

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Should school protect students from cyber bullying
Cyber bullying its one of the most hurtful thing to do to a teenager. Why? In that age all teens care about its their social life, if cyber bulliesbully them at school, bully them at home, that may cause a mental disorder in the kid way of thinking way of acting that can even end in ending their life. So school should interfere in cyber bullingissues in a specific way.

School should create or bring the resources cyber bullying. Before school interfere in cyber bulling they need to detect who is are cyber bullied, some ways they can dothat is watching the kids that are bullied in school, support them and ask them what is the problem, hopefully the teacher can help them overpass the problem or maybe tell the victim to go and talkwith the psychologist, if there is a cyber bullying problem then the teachers may talk to the mom of the victim and tell her about it, offer her other ways to help their child like going to a separatefrom school psychologist.

Taking advantage of the bully. Cyber bullying will never end, but there is another way of reacting to bullies, such as lets say rumors, rumors spread very fast in a matterof minutes, bullies want to make the victim feel sad or less but they cannot do that if the victim knows how to react, one way of reacting its not letting the bully enjoy the pain the victim feel likeif someone asks you if you did something you can always ask the person do you believe it and from that you have the advantage.

Reaction is always first. The victim reaction is what matters themost, because of that school should invest in people that have a lot of experience in this kind of situations to come to the school and talk about it to make kids understand the bad things they are doing,that way students will reflect about what they have done.

School should interfere in a very little way to help the victims of this horrible problem. Because if the school interfere a lot then...
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