Damns in the patagonia

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Dams in the Patagonia

    We all know about the problem of energetic supply in our country.

    The only solution to this is developing proyectsto supply the energetic demand, which is growing on a 7% every year.

    However, there are many solutions to fix ecological damages cuased bydam's contruction, so it is a minor problem that Chile must accept to have a sustainable development.

   The turism or the esthetic of the regiom cannot be obstacles for the energetic development, crucial for the economical growing and for an stable economy of our country.

    The 72% of the energyused in our country comes from other countries, so, if there is any conflict with any of those nations, it would be a chaos.

    For example, theimports of natural gas from Argentina, with which most of the electricity in Chile is generated, have been highly reduced since the year 2004. For thisreason, many companies in our country started using other sources of energy, which are more expensives and dirtiers than the future dams in thePatagonia.

    Also, our economy can not depend that much of tourism and anyway, as the manager of Hidroaysen said, these dams are compatibles with thatactivity.

    Finally, the money won by the dams enough to cover the losses caused by the reduction of the turism and other activities, and also thecompany compromised to affect the minimum possible the ecology of the place, so there is clearly no reason to prevent the construction of the dams.
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