The death of karen silkwood

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The Death of Karen Silkwood


1. Read the story introduction on the first page of the book, and the back cover. How much do you know now about The Death of Karen Silkwood? Tick one box for each sentence.

| | |X |
| | |x|
|X | | |
| |X | |
| | |X |
|X | | |
| |X | |

1. Karen wanted to say something important.

2. Some people were afraid of Karen.

3. This is a truestory.

4. The story happened in England.

5. Karen worked in Oklahoma.

6. Karen’s death was an accident.

7. We know what happened to Karen.

2. We is going to happen in the story? Can you guess? Tick one box for each sentence.

|YES |NO |
| |X |
|X | |
|X | |
| |X |
|X | |1. Karen works as a police officer.

2. Karen wants to help people.

3. Karen steals something.

4. Karen kills somebody.

5. Karen dies in her car.


Read Chapters 1 and 2. Write answers to these questions.

1. How old was Karen when she died? She’s twenty-eight years old.

2. Why were some men waiting for her on the night that shedied? Because she has bringing them some papers and some photographs in a big envelope.

3. In her new job at the nuclear factory, what did Karen have to wear? She have to weat a special white coat, some special shoes and a white hat.

4. What happened when there was radioactive dust on someone’s hands? They can take off his clothes and have a swim.

Read Chapter 3 and 4. Are thesesentences true (T) or false (F)? Rewrite the false ones with correct information.

1. Karen met Drew in the coffee bar at the factory. TRUE

2. Karen and Drew were unhappy together. FALSE, they’re laughing together.

3. When Karen checked her hands in front of the scanner, the alarm made noise. FALSE, the alarm made noise when Susan checked her hands in forny of the scanner.

4.Susan had to have a shower. TRUE

5. After her shower, Susan went home. FALSE, when the shower was finished, she went to work again.

Read Chapters 5 and 6, then answer these questions.


1. … wanted to stop working in the factory? Drew

2. … decided to change things in the factory? Karen

3. … voted for Karen to be on the Union Committee? The womens and a lot of mens.4. … always carried a notebook? Two mens, they stay in washer room.

5. … wrote to the Union leaders in Washington? Karen

6. … took photographs of the fuel rods? Karen

7. … asked Karen to steal some photograph negatives? Pete

Read Chapters 7 and 8. Who said this, and to whom?

1. “Things are worse at the factory than we thought.” Karen

2. “That’s Karen’s book.”The manager

3. “We’ll give the story to the newspaper and they’ll tell the world about it.” Pete

4. “Perhaps the canner’s wrong.” Susan

5. “Where were you last night”. A doctor

6. “Get into the car.” The doctor

Before you read Chapters 9 and 10, can you guess the answers to these questions?

1. Why is Karen’s house radioactive? Because she have uranium in her body,and she bring it to her houre.

2. Will Karen tell Drew the truth? Yes, because they’re very scared.

3. Will Pete help Karen? Yes, and she bring his a lot of information.

Read Chapters 9 and 10. Put these sentences in the correct order.

1. The next morning Karen telephoned Pete.

2. Karen told Drew about the photographs.

3. Mr. Bailey told Karen that she must go...
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