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The deforestation is a process provoked generally by the human action, in which the forest surface is destroyed. Is directly caused by the action of the man on the nature, principally due to the felling or burning realized by the industry maderera, as well as for the obtaining soil for the agriculture and ranching.
To remove trees without an efficient reforestation, it results ina serious hurt to the habitat, loss of biodiversity and aridity. It has an adverse impact in the fixation of atmospheric carbon (CO2). The deforested regions tend to an erosion of the soil and frequently they degenerate to not productive lands.
Carelessness and ignorance, lack of attributed value, slightly demanding managing of the forestation and deficient environmental laws. They are factorsthat lead that the deforestation happens on a large scale.
In many countries the deforestation causes extinction, changes in the climatic conditions, desertification and displacement of indigenous populations.

The deforestation is an ancient process that has been increased in the last three centuries, with an average of six million hectares per year. Principally north took place in theHemisphere in the XVIIIth and XIXth century, though in the 20th century south began to be realized in the Hemisphere, especially in the tropicIt does approximately eight thousand years, the human beings started felling forests in small but significant quantities, though for alone it they were having axes of sí jungles of the region of the Amazon
As the agriculture was spreading the human being wascleaning the soil of trees and shrubs to allow that the light of the Sun should come up to the soil. Clear it was done by the method of spoiling and being hot. After a year or two, during the dry station were burning the fallen residues and the dead trees and it was sowed in the soil enriched with the ashes.
In six thousand years that go until the beginning of the historical age, even it doesapproximately two thousand years, the man was improving his tools to work the land and he was having axes and ploughs of the Age of the Bronze and after the Age of the Iron, as well as oxen and domesticated horses that were pulling the ploughs. These advances did that the agriculture was gaining lands to the forest that was felled there where this one developed.
It does two thousand years, in China,India, the south and Europe’s west and the Mediterranean Maghreb, as well as in the low lands of Central America and the high lands of Peru there were used agricultural sophisticated practices (diversified cultures, multiple plantations and baby of cattle). All these regions are naturally wooded, and the large-scale agriculture demanded to sell these trees. In the year 1089, Guillermo Conqueringordered to realize the study Doomsday, a study of his new domains (England). This study demonstrated that 85 % of the fields had been deforested, as well as 90 % of the cultivable land (of altitude lower than thousand meters). Seven centuries before the industrial age, Great Britain was totally deforested and many of the "forests" that were staying were protected as reservations of hunt for theroyalty and the nobility.
The first trustworthy census of China dates back to the dynasty They have, it does near two thousand years and for then the country had 57 million inhabitants, with a density that was trebling that of England in the moment of the study Doomsday what was implying that both China and India and Indonesia, densely populated zones were deforested already it does two thousandyears
The islands of the Caribou, as also you depart from Mexico and Central America, they were relying on a great forest wealth, which Maria was composed of wood as mahogany and stick, between others. With the arrival of the Spanish to America it began the exploitation of these forests, for the construction and the extraction of chemical elements tinctures, as also his utilization as fuels....
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