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A lot of bodybuilders just look like fat guys with really big forearms in the offseason. The quest for MASS has led many bodybuilders into the trap of gaining so much FAT that by the time they drop the fat to expose their newly developed muscle, they have been dieting so hard and so long that they LOSE most of that precious LEAN BODY MASS (LBM)! OH NO! What do we do? How can wegain Lean Mass and keep fat gains to a minimum? Can we gain as much LBM without packing on slabs of bacon on our inner thighs? If these questions are running through your MASS-HUNGRY dome, stress no more. Team Scivation, led by the Cut Diet creator Chuck Rudolph, has devised a game plan to not only make you bigger and more muscular than you ever imagined possible, but they also will present in thevery pages of this book a method that is scientifically backed and real-world proven to keep the fat gains to a bare minimum while fueling your body for one primary goal—EXTREME MUSCLE GROWTH! Don’t wait any longer. Drop everything you’re doing right now and dive into this Holy Grail of Mass that not only will serve as a reference guide, or bible for how to eat, but also make you big, hard, andjacked beyond belief. Grab a fork and put on your reading glasses, Team Scivation is about to take you on the mass gaining ride of your life!

Table of Contents
1. Background of The Lean Mass Diet 2. Why the Lean Mass Diet Will Work For You! • Just Eat the Food, Tina • The Most Important Component—Synergy • The Big Hoax • Why The Lean Mass Diet? • Why the Lean Mass Diet Works • Using Food toBuild Rock Hard, Dense Muscle • Eat Enough Calories, But Gage Your Progress! • Macronutrient Manipulation • Control insulin levels • Keep it Base 3. How the Lean Mass Diet Works • Do Carbohydrates Make You Fat? Or is it the Type of Carbohydrate that Make you Fat? • What is Glycemic Effect of Food? • Why is the Glycemic Effect of Food Important Understand? • How Can Understanding and Selecting Low GIFoods Help Me Lose Fat? • Are there Ways to Lower the GI of Foods that I like that are High GI? Keeping it REAL • Food Cravings, Lack of Energy, and Frequent illness: Can it be related to stress? Can it be the reason I gain weight? 4. Essential Lean Mass Supplements • Get Big, Get Hard • Scivation Workout Nutrition Stack™—VasoCharge + Xtend • Scivation VasoCharge • Scivation Xtend • VasoCharge +Xtend • Sesamin + Max CLA (Fat Gain Prevention) • Sesamin • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) • Sesamin + CLA Supplementation 5. How to Customize The Lean Mass Diet • Understanding how to read Nutrition Facts Panel • High Performance Nutrient Selection • Starch Food List • Fruit Food List

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Milk Food List Vegetable Food List Protein Food List Fat Food ListFREE FOOD LIST EATING OUT FOOD OPTIONS Making it Simple Cheaters Always Prosper Determining Calories For the Mass Diet What Is Nutrition? FOODS vs. NUTRIENTS = ENERGY Carbohydrates: Simple, Complex and Fiber DIETARY FIBER Carbohydrate Tips and Recommendations Proteins Protein Quality Protein Tips and Recommendations FATS / LIPIDS Protein Tips and Recommendations Simple Ways to Reduce FatConsumption

6. The LMG Tri-Phase Training System • Phase 1—Volume • Phase 2—Intensity • Phase 3—Frequency 7. The Lean Mass Diet Meal Plans 8. Ending the Game—GAME OVER BABY!

Chapter 1 - Background of The Lean Mass Diet
I have covered my background of how I discovered my way of dieting in our last book, Game Over—The Final Cut Diet You’ll Ever Need. Although this book is about gaining lean mass andnot the Cut Diet, it is imperative to reiterate how this way of dieting with insulin control was discovered. This is also one of the keys to gaining lean mass with limited fat gain. I was a division-one college baseball player (“D-1”) and what most would consider a top-level athlete. When I injured my elbow, I was a mess. I was living the easy life; drinking beer, eating fast food, and was...
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