Derechos Deberes Y Garantias Constitucionales

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Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela
Ministerio Del Poder Popular Para La Educación Superior
Universidad Nacional Experimental Simón Rodríguez
Núcleo – Palo verde
Materia: Idiomas ModernosProfesor: Name:
Henry Martínez Maryuris Dorante
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Sección: QCaracas, Febrero 2013

Translation from English

Critical Reading is defined as “a process characterized by careful and exact evaluation and judgment” or to judge a matterseverely. This kind of critical analysis must be taught with reading material used in the classroom. Critical reading goes beyond the basic prerequisite of general comprehension skill by making fuller use ofanalytical thinking processes. This prerequisite is the need to determine from many sources the best thinking on point in question or area of study. According to many reading authorities, criticalreading skills should be taught through the newspaper whose editorial policy reflects one part´s point of view or whose slant on the news tends toward the sensational limit the degree to which readingmaterials con be critically analyzed

Most reading teachers think that critical reading skills should begin to be taught at the preschool reading readiness level. Here pictures can be interpretedand put in sequence, details noted, generalizations mode, and relationship determined.

Critical Reading skills must continue to be taught throughout the elementary and high school years, as onenever really arrives at perfection in these basic skills to continuing instruction is necessity for numerous opportunities for students to express their ideas openly and freely. Critical analysis ofmaterial cannot be conducted in threatening situation in which the teacher does not allow for differences of opinion and belief.

Translation from Spanish

Lectura Critica

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