Derechos Humanos

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Join our jury members and other international human rights activists and take your picture with the human rightslogo. Or upload any other material involving the logo, possible situations where you have seen or can imagine seeing it as well as any idea of how to use it. Be one of many peoplefrom all over the world to support the universal logo for human rights.

2012 Human Rights Logo at re:publica Berlin
The Human Rights Logo will be representedat this year's re:publica in Berlin. Drop by and visit us if you get the chance. But most importantly: become part of our twittter wall with your own, personal message abouthuman rights. From 2. - 4. May 2012, use #rp12 and #humanrightslogo and tweet what you have always wanted to tell the world about human rights. See

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2012 Human Rights Logo goes Myanmar

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122012 Film Tipp II: "The Parade" from Serbia
"The Parade" is a Serbian film about the first gay pride in Belgrade and the riots accompanying the event. Unlike the real event,the movie is a hilarious comedy, which makes fun of basically every stereotype there is about Western Balkan culture, the war and homosexuals.

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2012 It's International Women's Day!
... and we wish you all a very happy one!

But let's try not to forget: International Women's Dayshould also serve to raise awareness for the many human rights violations that continue to mainly or only affect women.

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