Descripcion Del Vaticano Un Lugar Reconocido

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Description of a remarkable place in the world.
Traveling around the world . Many people have the opportunity to discover many places. Reporting on some of the most remarkable structures andbuildings that grab the attention of tourists from all over the world is:
Vatican City.
For many people the Vatican is the capital of the catholic religion for that reason it is well known around theworld. So , from that the importance about this. Especially how it is formed inside also outside.
The Vatican is located on the left bank of the Tiber River in Rome, abutting the ancient Circus ofNero, where, according to tradition, Saint Peter, the first pope and the apostle to whom Christ entrusted his ministry, was martyred in 67 A.D. The seat of the Holy See and the pope's principal place ofresidence, it is the smallest independent state in the world.
The place is interesting so we can find from the cupola of St. Peter's may be seen the whole collection of buildings includedunder the name of Vatican Palace, a long stretch of edifices with many courts, ending in a row of smaller connected buildings before which stands a great loggia, known as the Nicchione. To the rightand left of the loggia and at right angles to it are two narrow buildings, which are connected transversely by the Braccio Nuovo at a distance of 328 feet from the loggia. These four buildings enclosethe Giardino della Pigna, so called because in the loggia stands a gigantic pine-cone of bronze, preserved from old St. Peter's. Except the few unsightly buildings lying immediately to the left, allthe buildings behind the loggia are given over to the museum especially sculptures of the Egyptians and Etruscan.
Vatican Gardens
Enclosed between the city walls, the zecca (the mint) with theadjacent houses,the Vatican Gardens, or Boscareccio, into which visitors are admitted only with the special permission of the sub-Prefect of the Vatican Palace. They are reached through the museum...
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