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10. Order data
10.1 Use of a specified DIEPA Special Wire Rope
1. Number and length of the ropes (5 x 200 m, etc.)
2. Type of rope (DIEPA D 1315 CZ,DIEPA 321, etc.)
3. Nominal diameter of the rope (20 mm, etc.)
4. Direction of lay (right- or left-handed)
5. Nominal tensile strength – grade –of the wires (1770 N/mm2, etc.)
6. Surface finish of the wires (bright, galvanized, etc.)
7. Lubrication (with or without lubricant)
8. Type ofrope end or termination (plain, fused, solid thimble, etc.)
10.2 Use of a DIEPA Special Wire Rope as an alternative to other specified rope
If a DIEPA SpecialWire Rope is being selected for the first time and is to be used as an alternative to an existing rope with a view to improving rope performance, no exactdesignation of the rope is needed (e.g. DIEPA S 321, etc.). Instead the following information is necessary:
Type of rope used until now and its designation (e.g. DIN3064 6 x 36 + SE, DIN EN 12385, etc.)
Double check if according to page 13, a rotation resistant rope or a nonrotation resistant rope is

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State whether the system is single- or multi-layer coiling
State the required minimum breaking force
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