“The courtship of mr. lyon”

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It was late. A father who was ruined found himself lost and unable to give her daughter the only thing she hadasked for; a white rose. On his way to look for some help he discovered an enormous odd house which seemed to be uninhabited. He went deep intoit and no one was there to pay him attention besides a very kind dog. That dog was who always told him what to do.
When he achieve get in touchwith a mechanic he was getting ready to leave the house when he saw in the garden a perfect white rose and caught it for her beautiful daughter.Suddenly a misterous angry host appeared, it was like a lion. That beast was furious and Beauty´s father tried to explain him he had done thatdue to his daughter.
When the Beast saw his daughter´s picture ordered her father to take the Beauty with him, impressed by her parlour. TheBeauty, though a bit afraid, went to the house with the hope that her presence could help his father. That way it worked, and Beauty´s father wasable to come back to London and recovered their fortune.
At the beginning Beauty rest there with the Beast but she finally went to London,promising to come back soon. The time passed away and she stayed there in London and a day the dog went to visit her with bad news.
She realizedBeast was no good and left London in order to visit him. He was nearly died but Beauty´s tears and kisses returned him to life, become a man.
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