Development Of Characters In Short Stories

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Development of characters

Thesis statement:
The changes of the characters, both good or bad “The Black Cat”, “The Bet” and “The interlopers“, are clearly noticeable and give you an inside totheir minds and livings.

The three stories that are going to be analyzed, which are “The Black Cat”, “The Bet”, “The interlopers “ have something in common and that is the many changes thecharacters suffer during the story because of what they have lived and the situations they get involved in. The changes that the character suffer are due to what they have lived and make the reader understandwhat was on the character’s mind.

The darkest side of the human being can be shown in the development of the main character of Poe’s “The Black Cat”. The narrator who stars talking about the lovehe felt for animals and living creatures ends up describing the cat he once loved as a hideous creature and started to feel annoyed by the presence of it.“By slow degrees, these feelings ofdisgust and annoyance rose into the bitterness of hatred.” (Poe 1843) .This story, which is a perfect exponent of Poe´s work, shows the clear change of the narrator, who goes from being a nice man to akiller because of the abuse of alcohol. By the end of the story he had killed his wife and didn’t feel any guilt about it.

Change isn’t something bad in “The Bet” by Anton Chekhov , it shows how much ahuman being can grow. This story which at first tries to find humanity in either death penalty or solitary confinement for life, ends with the main character giving up everything that he wanted inexchange of all what he had learned. After spending fifteen years in solitary confinement with access to all the books in existence, the main character understands how ephemeral life is and how hewould make the best out of it without the money he had won out of the bet and that he never claimed.” Your books have given me wisdom. All that the unresting thought of man has created in the ages is...
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