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Jonathan: Hello guys!
Lalo: Hey! What’s up Jony?
Jonathan: What are you doing?
Bibiana: Hi Jony! We want to discuss about the homework. (I. Objeto)
Jonathan: Homework? AboutWhat?
Bibiana: Biology.
Lalo: Yes. We have been studying and reading since 8am. (PPC)
Bibiana: And reading the book is not funny. (G. Sujeto)
Jonathan: Woow! You are tired, I guess…
BB and LL:Oh yeah…

(Alondra enters and greets Jonathan)

Jonathan: Alondra! Hi!
Alondra: Hello Jony!
Jonathan: How are you?
Alondra: Very well, and you?
Jonathan: Very fine. Look, these are myfriends Bibi and Lalo. Bibi and Lalo, she’s Alondra.
Alondra: Hi!
BB and LL: Hi!
Jonathan: They have been working hard recently. (PPC)
Bibiana: Well, yes. But now tell me Alondra, how are you?Alondra: Very well, thanks. I just returned from trip.
Lalo: Really? Where did you go?
Alondra: To Canada. I’m from Canada in fact.
Bibiana: Woow! How do you travel? By plane?
Alondra: Ohno no. Traveling by train is cheaper than traveling by plane. (G. Sujeto)
Jonathan: Have you been traveling all morning? (PPC)
Alondra: Oh yes. In fact, to travel with this cold could be verydifficult. (I. Sujeto)
Lalo: Why not go for a coffee? So we relaxed a moment. (ESTA MAL ESCRITA)
Bibiana: Yeah! Sounds great!
JN and ALNDR: Yeah!

(In the cafeteria)

Lalo: Oupss… Iforgot to take my wallet when I left my home. (I. Objeto)
Jonathan: Don’t worry. I lend you money.
Lalo: Oh thanks Jony. You’re a good friend!
Bibiana: Drinking coffee with my friends is myfavorite hobby. (G. Sujeto)
Alondra: My favorite hobby is making snowmen in Canada.
Lalo: I began playing with Play-Doh. (G. Objeto)
Bibiana: Have you been in Canada?
Lalo: Yes. Last year, myfamily and I went for the winter carnival.
Bibiana: Winter Carnival?
Jonathan: I know about that. It’s a big tradition in Canada, isn’t it?
Alondra: Yes, it’s in Quebec, Canada each January....
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