Dialogo Ingles

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“Have you brought it?”
“Yes, it’s right here on the bag” Replied the boy with a confident smile.
“Well… what are you waiting for? Hand it over” Ordered the stranger dressed inblack with an impatient tone.
“I may be only a boy but I’m not stupid, I want my pay first”
“Very well I’m not a thief” said the stranger and tossed the boy a bag.
After looking inside andchecking the contents. “Good deal here is what you are looking for” the boy hands the stranger a small mysterious box with strange engravings.
“So this is it?” The stranger asks with a smile.
“That’s theone and only” the boy ponders the mysterious box.
“Tell me boy how did you come in possession of this? Do you even know what it is?
“My great grandpa was a great archeologist and explorer; my momtold me that once many years ago he brought it with him from a trip to the jungles of the amazons”
“Astounding!” The stranger lifts the box into the light to get a better look at it.
“As for what it isI have no clue, when my mom gave it to me for me to have I figured I could get some good cash for it if I sold it on the internet”
“Kid you have no idea of how long I have been searching for this”The stranger showed a happy smile.
The boy now worried that perhaps he sold it for too little “Really? How long are talking about? Wait, what is it? Is it worth a lot more than what I sold it for?!“Hold on kid too many questions and I have to go, you got your money and I’m probably the only one who knows what this thing is I, doubt anyone else would have paid as high as I did.” The strangerbegins to walk away.
“Wait, can I come with you? I want to know what it is, all this time my family held on to it not knowing what it is I want to be the one to finally find out.
“Hmm… well I could usean assistant; I guess I could let you come along”.
“Yes! Ok let’s go!” The boy jumped of excitement and left with the stranger.
“Well here we are my lab” the stranger said upon arriving to his...
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