Diario de peeta (los juegos del hambre)

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DAY 1:
Hello diary, being today the first day that I write, I will tell you who I am, my name Peeta mellarck am the son of a baker, of course my dad makes the bread richer District 12, here inthe 12th arrondissement is where I live, every year select young people like me to participate in the frightening "hunger Games" and you think...? I have too scared because tomorrow is the selection ofparticipants, participants choose two for each district, on the other hand my favorite color is orange like a sunset, there is a pretty girl even went to school with her but I was never brave enoughto talk to her, her name is Katniss Everdeen. Well I'm going because I have that I have many things to do tomorrow, I'll tell you who stayed to participate in the games

DAY 2:
Dear diary today onthis day things happened very rare and ugly, eh as been selected to participate in "The Hunger Games" I have a lot of fear because the chances of surviving this game is 1 to 24, not really what tohappen because I do not know the other participants only Katniss, I could not kill, it's the girl of my dreams, it would be extremely cold-blooded killing someone who you love. I still remember a fewyears ago I gave bread to survive, if not thereafter have any forgiveness for her, but do not really know if I can survive these games.

DAY 3:
Dear diary, I write today, Tuesday October 15 because Ineed to tell my story of who this day. Since I found out I was going to participate in "The Hunger Games" eh not been sleeping very well, all I care, I just think what it will be my brutal death andclear that I never kill Katniss, I hope you remember me but good enough nonsense from now will not think of nothing but victory will be difficult but I will put my goals high, in this case to survivethe game.

DAY 4:
Today I was interviewed, they asked me many things, but also reveal Katniss I'm in love the first time I met her, many think it is a weak point.

DAY 5:
Daily Sorry, do not...
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