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How many of us get truly dirty in the 21st century? Judging by our spotless clothes and our immaculate apartments, dirt is almost a thing of the past. In fact, dirt has become so rare that it has a certain value. Diesel’s denim scientists know that, which is why they’ve been working on dirt formulations for more than a decade. Now the results of their efforts can be revealed. Welcome to e DirtyNew Age. This new collection of delightfully dirty denim explores the world of grubbiness in all its forms: mud, grass, sand, paint – and more exotic breeds of stain such as chalk, foam and rust. Natural materials and the latest technology have been combined to create jeans that are dirty at an almost molecular level. And you can rest assured that every pair has been distressed to the perfectdegree of decadence. But who will wear such garments? Who are the denizens of the Dirty New Age, the new grime syndicate? We sent our muck-raking reporter out onto the streets to unearth the Icons of Dirt. To our surprise, they spoke freely to us about their tarnished lives. We think you’ll dig their dirt. It’s a dirty job…

☛ Do people hate you when you reject them?
Everybodythinks they’re the ideal person for the shoot. Either that or they reckon if they get into your pants you’ll give them the job. But it doesn’t work like that. ☛ It must be nice, having all that power. I never abuse it. In this business you see humiliation every day. Even if you don’t get physically dirty, you feel soiled. ☛ The job sounds harder than people think. I work long, long hours. Auditionhundreds of people. See these bags under my eyes? They’re like steamer trunks. Model: POIAK Wash: 8X1

☛ How did you choose your unusual job?
A. I learned the basics at my dad’s bakery in Brooklyn. One of my earliest memories is the smell of fresh bread. ☛How did you get from there to becoming one of the world’s top pastry chefs? I wanted to push the envelope. I apprenticed withthe best chefs in Paris. Soon I could make anything you wanted: macaroons as delicate as eggshells, the finest millefeuille. ☛It sounds very creative. I guess it looks pretty glamorous from the outside. But it’s hot and sweaty. You get burned a lot. And you get covered in flour. Model: SHIONER Wash: 8PN

☛ Is your job glamorous, or dirty? A bit of both. Receptionists all over townfancy you. To them you’re a kind of warrior, one of a tribe of rebels. But you choke on exhaust fumes and come home covered in unholy grime. ☛ Is it dangerous? They say you have a career of about five years. That’s how long it lasts before you burn out or sustain serious injury. ☛ Would you recommend your job to others? I like the freedom, but tarmac is a tough mistress.
☛ How did you break in to your career?
I started off waiting tables, which was basically a great way of getting insulted. Later I worked behind the bar. I started making cocktails as a way of attracting more girls to the place. ☛ That doesn’t sound too difficult. It was harder when people could still smoke inside. My hair reeked at the end of the evening. ☛ So you enjoyyour work more now? It’s still pretty stressful, especially on a Saturday night. The orders come too fast. I’m dealing with sticky liquids. And I always cut my fingers peeling the lemon rind. Model: THANAZ Wash: 74K

they’re all giving you dirty looks. Care to explain? It’s because I treat them like props, not people. I’m not sexist, but I have a job to do and I can’t getdistracted. ☛Your clothes are covered in grime. Surely photography is a clean activity? I like to get down on the ground when I shoot: classic Antonioni stuff. I experiment with weird angles, make the girls look even taller than usual. ☛What’s dirtiest part of your job? The clothes! The best pieces from each season might get shot by various magazines on four or five different girls, without being...
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