Differences Between Rural And Urban

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The purpose of this work is to identify the differences between the two kinds of areas in modern society: urban areas and rural areas.

Also, we will establish thedefinitions of these areas and the characteristics of them.

With nothing more to say, let´s start.


[pic]Differences between urban and rural areas

In present-day society we can find two kinds of social areas, the urban areas and the rural areas, of course, they have their unique characteristicsand differences between themselves.

The purpose of this work is to find out all the differences and characteristics of these areas, but first, we need to know the definition of them.Urban areas or urban zones are also called urbanized areas: Definitions vary between nations. 

In Australia, urban areas are referred to as "urban centers" and are defined as populationgroups of 1000 or more people, with a density of at least 200/km2.

Downtown Toronto (an urban area)
According to Statistics Canada, an urban area in Canada is an area with a population of,at least 1000 people where the density is no fewer than 400 persons per square km2. 


In China, an urban area is an urban district, city and town with a population density higher than1500/km2.

In Japan urbanized areas are defined as contiguous areas of densely inhabited districts (DIDs) using census enumeration districts as units with a density requirement of 4,000inhabitants per square kilometer (10,000 /sq mi).

New Zealand:
Statistics New Zealand defines New Zealand urban areas for statistical purposes as a settlement with a population of a thousand people ormore.

In Russia, only the population residing in cities/towns and urban-type settlements is considered to be "urban". The city/town/urban-settlement designation means usually that the...
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