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Student : Harry Haralampiev Vassilev (Erasmus).
1. Neolane. Rob van der Zalm, Kris van Bavel “Personalization strategies to deliveroutstanding ROI.”
This seminary was divided in three chapters: Marketing Database, Personalization and Benefits.
* Marketing Database:
Most companies start for one Marketing System. Marketing Databaseshould constitute a single, structure and operational point of reference where the most important thing is the costumer. Is necessary to make a big database with the behavioural view of fans and then,send emails with Marketing advertising to they. The only way to success is to make a lot of surfaces.
* Personalization
Without personalization management it has two solutions:
* More Work andmore friction points.
If we personalize, we make the work more effective and avoid obstacles that slow down the work. One good idea is to make a single campaign for thousand of different messages.It’s necessary to personalize within everyone’s reach.
For example:
Marketing process at Hotel Accor. The communication is central:
* Notification is local, is referred to a local contributors =>Local countries; Brand Manager to validate local content distribution.
* And after that, the communication goes to the Headquarters.
All this information is added in a marketing database and then isreused to other campaigns. Is very important to choose the right channel at the right time for communicate with costumers.
* Benefits (Consistent brand, Consistent contact strategy, etc.)
To find areal benefit is necessary to be always consistent with the costumers, to look after purchase and keep it loyal, to appear the more we can in advertisements or public places.
For example, when you buya laptop, usually you have to register in a database of the company, and that is a good strategy to get information about the costumer. The company Packard Bell it’s famous for using this...
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