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CSL and Multi-Speech Options

Motor Speech Profile, Model 5141
Motor Speech Profile (MSP), Model 5141, extracts and analyzes speech parameters relevant to motor disordered speech.MSP provides protocols for eliciting the specific speech sample, extracting the desired parameters, displaying the results of analysis in numeric and graphic formats, and generating a summary report.Characterizing Motor Speech
Many parameters are needed to characterize motor disordered speech. MSP evokes built-in protocols for different tasks (e.g., syllabic rate, sustained phonation,diadochokinesis, etc.) to extract these separate parameters. For example, distorted vowels are often characterized by neutralized second formant positions and abnormal second formant transitions. MSP sets uptasks to measure and assess this behavior. Similarly, diadochokinetic rate (DDK) and periodicity of DDK have been shown to be closely associated with articulator mobility. MSP complements the speechprofessional’s well-trained ear by systematically and objectively analyzing many speech parameters.


MSP summarizes the numerical results and presents them as a report so that changesover time can be more easily examined. This report includes a graphic analysis with the patient’s results plotted against normal values so that the examiner can quickly see how a patient compares. Italso integrates the results of analyses acquired with separate programs. For example, the nasalance measurements generated from the Nasometer can be integrated into the final report. These reportssubstantiate patient progress and the efficacy of the treatment plan. ♦ Excellent clinical tool for assessment of motor speech functions ♦ Built-in protocols to perform common clinical tasks ♦ Comprehensivegraphic and numerical information for reports

Motor Speech Profile provides built-in protocols to extract parameters relevant to assessing motor disordered speech. These results are then...
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