Discrimination of women

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Discrimination of women
Since ancient times we have imposed, for cultural reasons or by erroneous ideologies about certain people or things. This set of ideas could be called discrimination.First of all; what means discrimination? What force a person to believe that is better than another? What can make someone a victim of this? Discrimination is give inferior treatment for differentreasons. Among them are the religious, political, color and race among others. Even there is also gender discrimination by sex. Stated another words, its being call “machismo”. Yes, believe it or not, thisstill happen in this century in many parts of the world.
Earlier this year, the representative of the Congo to be guest of the Royal family of Spain, did not give his hand to Princess LetiziaOrtiz. The media saying it was justified for reasons of "protocol" or culture. Thus, even the Iranian ambassador also denied the salute to the Queen of Spain and Princess of Hapsburg by her woman hood.Ultimately this was an act of discrimination on grounds of gender. Currently this behavior is much in countries and cultures of Africa and the Middle East. According with some religions, the womenvirtually worthless. She has no voice, and cannot vote. Should, always be covered by a veil, as if to silence them. They must obey orders cureless by their husbands and of the same laws of your country.It even has its own place to pray and they cannot enter into certain places, or have the same privileges as men have.

Therefore, this type of mentality against womenhave been starting allkinds of abuse, torture, murder and even suicide by the victim. An example of this is the movie: "The stoning of Soraya M." It's a film based on a true story of a woman stoned to death. The story gotout with the help of a journalist. Starnded in a remote Iranian village, Sahedjam with a harrowing tale to tell about her niece, Soraya, and the circumstances of her death bloody on the day just...
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