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Steve JOBS

1. Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco on the 24th of February 1955. Paul and Clara Jobs, who lived in Mountain View in California, adopted him shortly after his birth.
Steve Jobswas, with Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple. He was also the CEO of Pixar. Both are considered to be the pioneers of micro computing after introducing the computer to household. In 2009, he waslisted as the 43rd richest American.
On the 5Th of October 2011, Apple announced the death of 56 years old Steve Jobs as a result of pancreatic cancer.

2. The speech is divided into three parts.Each part is about one stage of his life.
The first part is concerned with the "unexpected impacts". Despite having dropped out of some of his courses, Steve Jobs found what he liked to do andtherefore made it his profession. But as a student, he could not have known that the courses he had chosen to follow would help him set up his own company. Here the conclusion is that we cannot predict theimpact that certain things have in the future; it is only with hindsight that we can realize it.
The second part is about the “the passion and the failure”. At this period of his life, Steve Jobs wasfired from the company that he created. Despite this, he still loved what he was doing and decided to start over. Indeed he was more creative than ever and founded two other companies, Next and Pixar.Later, he found the love of his life with whom he started a family. The conclusion is that failures make us stronger and are sometimes even beneficial. We must not be beaten. In addition, work takesup the majority of our lifetime and therefore we must do what we love in order to be satisfied. And finally, we must always continue to search until we find. This is also true for love!
The third partconcerns “death”. Indeed, Steve discovered a year ago that he was suffering from pancreatic cancer and that it was incurable. At that time, Steve realized that he had to "say goodbye" to his family...
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