Diseño de puente de vigas metalicas

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LRFD Design Example

December 2003 FHWA NHI-04-041

Steel Girder Superstructure Bridge

Prepared for

FHWA / National Highway Institute Washington, DC

US Units

Prepared by

Michael Baker Jr Inc Moon Township, Pennsylvania

Development of a Comprehensive Design Example for a Steel Girder Bridge with Commentary

Design Process Flowcharts for Superstructure and SubstructureDesigns

Prepared by Michael Baker Jr., Inc.

November 2003

Technical Report Documentation Page
1. 4. Report No. 2. Government Accession No. 3. 5. Recipient’s Catalog No. Report Date

FHWA NHI - 04-041
Title and Subtitle

LRFD Design Example for Steel Girder Superstructure Bridge with Commentary
7. Author (s)

December 2003
6. Performing Organization Code

Raymond A. Hartle,P.E., Kenneth E. Wilson, P.E., S.E., William A. Amrhein, P.E., S.E., Scott D. Zang, P.E., Justin W. Bouscher, E.I.T., Laura E. Volle, E.I.T.


Performing Organization Report No.

B25285 001 0200 HRS
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Michael Baker Jr., Inc. Airside Business Park, 100 Airside Drive Moon Township, PA15108
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Federal Highway Administration National Highway Institute (HNHI-10) 4600 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 800 Arlington, Virginia 22203
15. Supplementary Notes

Final Submission August 2002 - December 2003
14. Sponsoring Agency Code

Baker Principle Investigator: Raymond A. Hartle, P.E. BakerProject Managers: Raymond A. Hartle, P.E. and Kenneth E. Wilson, P.E., S.E. FHWA Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative: Thomas K. Saad, P.E. Team Leader, Technical Review Team: Firas I. Sheikh Ibrahim, Ph.D., P.E.
16. Abstract

This document consists of a comprehensive steel girder bridge design example, with instructional commentary based on the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications(Second Edition, 1998, including interims for 1999 through 2002). The design example and commentary are intended to serve as a guide to aid bridge design engineers with the implementation of the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, and is offered in both US Customary Units and Standard International Units. This project includes a detailed outline and a series of flowcharts that serve as thebasis for the design example. The design example includes detailed design computations for the following bridge features: concrete deck, steel plate girder, bolted field splice, shear connectors, bearing stiffeners, welded connections, elastomeric bearing, cantilever abutment and wingwall, hammerhead pier, and pile foundations. To make this reference user-friendly, the numbers and titles of thedesign steps are consistent between the detailed outline, the flowcharts, and the design example. In addition to design computations, the design example also includes many tables and figures to illustrate the various design procedures and many AASHTO references. AASHTO references are presented in a dedicated column in the right margin of each page, immediately adjacent to the corresponding designprocedure. The design example also includes commentary to explain the design logic in a user-friendly way. Additionally, tip boxes are used throughout the design example computations to present useful information, common practices, and rules of thumb for the bridge designer. Tips do not explain what must be done based on the design specifications; rather, they present suggested alternatives for thedesigner to consider. A figure is generally provided at the end of each design step, summarizing the design results for that particular bridge element. The analysis that served as the basis for this design example was performed using the AASHTO Opis software. A sample input file and selected excerpts from the corresponding output file are included in this document.
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