Disfunciones sexuales femeninas y masculinas

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Claudia Sánchez Bravo*, Jorge Carreño Meléndez*, Susana Martínez Ramírez*, María Eugenia Gómez López*

Sexual dysfunctions are a high frequency problem that should be studied because of its significance for individual health. .or that reason, approaches to sexuality, sexualdysfunctions prevalence among women and men of a population sample in Mexico City, and the particular frequency of each dysfunction, will convey the possibility of suggesting more precise and focused treatment strategies, as well as the generation of ground lines for the investigation of the specific factors that could be related to them. Based on researches conducted by many pioneers who haveapproached the study of human sexuality, Masters and Johnson built up, for the first time during the 1960s, the human sexual response and its dysfunctions. Also, they hold the hypothesis that the way to understand human sexuality must relay on the study of the human sexual response cycle. This consists of five phases: sexual urge phase, excitement phase, plateau phase, orgasmic phase and resolutionphase. Masters and Johnson needed to define those phases, so they described and delimited inherent sexual dysfunctions, which may not always be present –but could be– in human sexuality. In order to give a precise and correct diagnosis, researchers have to define and classify sexual dysfunctions. In this sense, Rubio defines them as “a group of syndromes in which the erotical processes of sexualresponse are undesirable for the individual or for the social group, and occurs persistently and recurrently”. Researchers of the Department of Psychology at the National Institute of Perinatology (Instituto Nacional de Perinatología, INPer) in Mexico City, which is a third level institution (specialties hospital) dedicated to people with reproduction problems, realized that investigation about sexualproblems will lead to a broad and objective panorama (not hypothetical) of factors like prevalence, types, and gender comparisons of sexual problems among Mexican population. Main objective. This research seeks to state the prevalence, percentage, frequency, and types of both male and female sexual dysfunctions, as well as the differences between them, in a sample of Mexican population living inMexico City. The research also intends to analyze some variables related to the sexual life of the population under study: sexual information they have previously received, traumatic sexual experiences and childhood trauma.

Method (material and procedures): Researchers used the Clinical Record of .eminine Sexuality (Historia Clínica de la Sexualidad .emenina) and the Questionnaire of Sexuality,Male Version (Cuestionario de Sexualidad, Versión Hombres), both validated for Mexican population. The type of study that researchers conducted was populational, screening, descriptive, longitudinal, and retrospective. The study was performed using a non-experimental design with two samples drawn from INPer (patients and others); one of the samples consisted of 384 female participants and theother consisted of 363 male individuals (non partners of the patients included in the sample). Each participant was included into one of two groups: Group 1 comprised individuals without dysfunction and Group 2 included participants with sexual dysfunction. This classification was made when individuals were accepted at the INPer as patients, and before they were included in any medical treatment orintervention. Sample size was representative of the number of individuals accepted as patients of INPer that year. Inclusion criteria for men and women consisted of a level of education at least of elementary school –so they could understand the questionnaires– having a sexual partner for a year or more, without previous diagnostic of mental retardation or psychosis, nor medical conditions like...
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