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LABB. MODELLI E ALLESTIMENTI: informazioni in materia di sicurezza
MODELLING AND EXHIBIT LABS: safety informations

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To Students Attending the Instrumental Laboratories ofthe Design Faculty The Politecnico di Milano Design Faculty and INDACO Department has set up a series of laboratories in order to support the Design programme. This will allow students to check out projects and learn how to use instruments which are useful for project research, representation and communication. Laboratories are a substantial part of course programmes: activities are carried outusing machines and appliances - they are all overseen by laboratory technicians. According to Ministerial Decree 9.04.08 no. 81, a university student who attends didactic and research courses is an employee and, for that reason, has to receive correct training and suitable information about industrial safety. This concerns those students who attend the Photography and Movie Design Laboratory. Thepamphlet sets out to give information and to support the safety training course which is of utmost importance should the students wish to work in the laboratories. If we consider this as well as the need to "work in a safe environment" we have planned and set out a special training course, preliminary to laboratory activities, which will enable the students to: know the correct working procedures. beaware of possible physical and chemical risks resulting from the usage of machines, appliances, materials and substances. use machines and appliances in the right way. use the required individual protection devices. This pamphlet contains two complementary parts: the first one has been written by the laboratory technicians and the professors of the courses involved in the laboratory activity(this part is divided into three sections); the second one refers to the abstracts of 9th April 2008 Ministerial Decree no. 81, which concern the security and health improvement of the workers during work. Taken from the first four titles of the decree, the articles considered are particularly important in order to comprehend the responsibilities of the subjects who act in the working areas, the basicspecifications of the work areas, the way to use different equipment and individual protection devices. We recommend the students read this pamphlet with the utmost attention. Claudio Corioni (Engineer) - Centro Sicurezza Dipartimento INDACO Prof. Maurizio Figiani - Commissione Sicurezza Dipartimento INDACO Prof. Cesira Macchia - Membro Consiglio Scientifico Centro Sicurezza di Ateneo (Member ofthe Safety Centre of the Scientific Council of theUniversity).


Agli studenti frequentanti i Laboratori strumentali della Facoltà del Design

La Facoltà del Design e il Dipartimento INDACO del Politecnico di Milano hanno allestito una serie di Laboratori a supporto della didattica del design per consentire agli studenti di verificare le ipotesi di progetto e di apprendere l'uso dellestrumentazioni tecniche necessarie alla sperimentazione, alla rappresentazione e alla comunicazione dei progetti. All'interno dei laboratori si svolge una parte importante della didattica applicativa dei corsi: le attività vengono svolte con l'utilizzo di macchine e attrezzature da parte degli studenti, sotto la guida di tecnici di laboratorio. In base al decreto legislativo n. 81 del 9.04.08, lostudente universitario frequentante laboratori didattici e di ricerca è equiparato al lavoratore dipendente e per questo deve ricevere adeguata formazione e appropriate informazioni in materia di sicurezza sul lavoro. Il presente fascicolo, indirizzato agli studenti che frequenteranno il Laboratorio Allestimenti e il Laboratorio Modelli, si pone l'obiettivo di fornire informazioni e supportare il...
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