Diversity as a key success for employees and organisations

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World has been facing several changes over the years and one of these, is well known as globalisation, which is the chance by people to interact in the international market without any government intervention or political borders. This fact has been given progress and growth opportunities to the economy and also has improved living standards for people. This due to trade restrictions have beenreduced, people can move easily between countries, telecommunications are improved, business has been expanded and people, ideas, cultures and values have entered in a process of integration. This development bring positive effects to organisations as well, such as increased competition, employment, investment and capital flows, foreign trade and spread of technical know-how, culture and education(Kulkarni, n.d).

Overall, globalisation transform the entirely overview of the business in the world, as they are forcing organizations and people become aware of the necessity to restructure themselves; in other words, how turn out to be productive and competitive in the global market (Beardwell and Claydon, 2007). To do so, an organisation which plans to grow, survey and be successful in aglobalised economy, has to focus its endeavour in developing a Human Resources management with which to recruit and retain the most skilled, qualified and talented staff and prepare them to facing new challenges within the external environment.
To achieve this purpose, organisations should consider two important aspects, such as changing nature of the workplace and increasing diversity in theworkforce, which are directly related because work has developed more specialized, interdependent and complex with the need to have good people skills, effective information systems and cross-cultural competence (DiTomaso, 2004:3). In other words, restructure its functions based on the concept that work and workers have been affected by technological advantages and organisational models, which bringsbenefits both for the overall organisation and to the employees.

From this point of view is clear to see that organisations are facing diversity in the workplace, in other words, they are incorporating infrastructural and technological advances such as internet, mobile phones, video conferencing and virtual offices. Likewise, they are including human capital, featured by ethnic mixture,varieties of personal history, experience, lifestyle, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, capabilities, major number of woman, more old and disable people and also, different points of view and tactics to solve problems. This context has a significant impact over the Human Resources management functions as it need to manage a multicultural workforce, gather a qualified work team that fits thesechanges and develop strategies to increase employees’ motivation and organisation productivity, as mentioned before.

Within the functions of Human Resources management the key one, is managing the workforce diversity. To accomplish it, managers need first of all, adapting themselves into processes of understanding the new workplace environment and the suitable forms to handle a multiculturalworkforce (Kumpikaite and Sakalas, 2008). Likewise, they need knowledge about other languages, cultures and business practices (Czenter, 2002) which allow them implementing strategies as a tool to directing employees. After managers are trained, they are able to safe management commitment, intensify diversity awareness of the employees, persuade flexibility, reward employees for well administration ofdiversity and develop diversity skills, as Mr Nii Asare Addy, stated in his lecture on July 2010. Besides, they know how to establishing programs to cope the diversity, such as, decrease stereotypes; enhance cultural sensitive, personal beliefs, manners and ethics; cultivate skills to perform in a diverse environment; understand other points of view and provide the freedom to share dissimilar...
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