Do and make

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The uses of “do” and “make”

1) What are you doing? I’m doing a puzzle.

“Do” can mean perform an action in general and solve or put together.

2) “Make” can mean:

I’m making a cake. → create or construct.

The journey made him sick. → cause to happen.

They made them work very hard. → force.

Other expressions using “do” and “make”| | |
|Do |Make |
|a job|a reservation |
|business with |fun of |
|One´s assignment |a deal ||One´s duty |a date |
|Research |peace/war |
|Dishes |aplan |
|Without |sure |
|a favor |appointment |
|acourse |comparison |
|homework |an error |
|military service |a face|
|something/nothing/anything |improvement |
|History/Math/etc. |room for = hacer espacio ||Science(as subjects) |progress |
|Work or jobs in general |a promise |
|the cleaning/the gardening/etc.|arrangements |
|the exercise |an attempt |
|the work |the bed |
|thelaundry |a decision |
|the lesson |an effort |
|one´s best (do your best) |an excuse...
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